The Lost Ways Program Review

Lost ways is a survival guide that offers intuition into worst fears of humanity. The guide is packed with ancient techniques for survival, and our ancestors used these techniques to survive and thrive in toughest conditions. However, the truth is we live in the luxurious way of life as everything from cars we drive, cell phones we use, to a continuous supply of food we get, has made us not know how to live without them as we’ve assumed life will always be easy. But if there is an economic crisis or a disaster would we be able to take care of ourselves and our loved ones?.If the answer is no, this guide is the perfect resource solution in helping us get up to speed with the tested and tried survival techniques used by our ancestors.

The creator of the program

Claude Davis, a survival expert, created the program. Davis is married and has two children, and they live in a self-built log cabin. Apart from his home he also reconnects with our ancestors by cooking outside in open flame and wears handmade clothes. He attributes his inspiration to creating this program on the fact that the earth is slowly drifting into a crisis, and thus we need a survivalist approach to avoid being caught unaware in situations we won’t be able to overcome.

How the program works

The lost ways guide contains ideas that were used by our ancestors to help them thrive despite the demands of their times. The ideas presented here are a collection of various survival techniques proposed by real survivalist most of whom have been able to put their ideas into practice. One idea that has been suggested in the program includes the technique in building a bunker that can withstand the impact of missile attack. Another idea is how we can preserve our food and water supplies when faced with scarcity.

The building blocks of the program

Three ideas inspired the creation of this book. First, there is believe that distaters are bound to happen. The program advances the argument that on a long timeline we will be faced with a catastrophe which will be beyond our control. Thus we should be prepared to avoid getting caught unaware. Secondly, the program highlights that when a calamity occurs it is every man for himself and thus it is essential for every individual to learn skills on self-preservation that will enable them to survive in turbulent times. Lastly, this program allows individuals to be masters of their life. It achieves this by laying emphasis on taking steps to forestall or withstand disasters


• This program is easy to follow and offers best solutions to impending disasters.

• It offers tips that are practical and most materials suggested here are inexpensive and can easily be found at home.


• The program focuses more on dealing with impending disaster as opposed to adopting bold measures to prevent its occurrence in the first place.


The lost ways survival guide is a book that resonates well with science and religion and also offers an explanation on how our ancestors lived. Furthermore, this book enables individuals to overcome life’s unusual occurrence, and thus they can be able to rebuild their community in the wake of such disaster happening. Learn more at